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CanSource Specifications and Requirements


  • CanSource is a division of Mobile Canning Systems. Production, invoicing and shipping of all CanSource products will be executed by Mobile Canning Systems.


  • Order Submittal – An order is considered initiated when the order form provided by your CanSource sales representative is filled out completely and submitted to your sales representative with completed artwork. Artwork submitted without an order form will be held and not submitted for proofing until the order form is submitted.
  • Artwork Content – Customer is responsible for ensuring its shrink sleeve artwork content meets all appropriate federal or local laws. Additionally, customer is responsible for ensuring the product canned is covered by said artwork content.
  • Artwork Setup – Customer is responsible for ensuring that the artwork file is set up on the appropriate CanSource issued template and to the specifications detailed in the CanSource Artwork Guidelines.
  • CanSource Logo – It is required that the CanSource logo be added to all artwork files. Please follow the logo instructions in the Artwork Requirements and on the CanSource issued templates when placing the logo on your artwork file. CanSource will place the logo on the customer’s behalf if the logo is not included in artwork submitted for proofing.
  • Proofing – CanSource will provide a digital proof of label artwork for approval by the customer. Therefore, the customer is fully responsible for the design content of approved final proofs. A physical can proof can be provided at the customer’s request for an additional fee. Please allow for an additional 3 weeks lead time to accommodate the production of the physical can proof.
  • Lead Time – Please allow for five weeks from final artwork approval for delivery of 12oz and 16oz cans. Lead time for specialty sized cans are subject to change based on availability.
  • Sleeve Order Quantity – Shrink sleeve orders are subject to a 10% over/under run


  • FOB Origin – Longmont, CO or Downingtown, PA (the CanSource location used to sleeve the cans.)
  • Shipping Preparation – Cans will be re-palletized and readied for shipment in the following quantities (starting at ½ pallet) unless otherwise arranged with your CanSource sales representative.
    • 12 oz., 10 rows, 3890 total cans
    • 16 oz., 8 rows, 3112 total cans
    • 2 oz., 10 rows, 3890 total cans
    • 32 oz. “Crowler”, 5 rows, 1200 total cans
    • 12 oz. sleek, 8 rows, 4048 total cans
    • 500 ml., 8 rows, 3112 total cans
  • Expedited Order Requests – When available and with CanSource approval/confirmation, expedited order requests will be produced with the following charges applied:
    • Up to 5 business days less than standard 5 week lead time = 1.5 cents per can
    • 6-10 business days less than standard 5 week lead time = 3 cents per can
  • Expedited Shipment of Cans – When placing an expedited order, if expedited shipment of cans is needed to achieve the customer’s desired deliver by date, shipment will be set up by the customer as opposed to Mobile Canning Systems/CanSource.
  • Shipping Materials (Dunnage) – All CanSource orders will utilize wooden pallets, heavy cardboard slip sheets and wooden top frames for delivery of cans. Shipping materials will be invoiced to the customer at an all-in rate of $26 per pallet (pallet, slip sheets and top frame).
  • Sleeve Shipping – Inbound sleeve shipment to CanSource invoiced at a rate of .005 per sleeve.


  • Orders will be paid with credit card on file, unless you have payment terms established with us. Shrink sleeve orders (including shipping charges) will be processed in full when shrink sleeves arrive at CanSource (roughly two weeks after final artwork proof approval). Cans/application/shipping will be processed at time of shipment.

All the rest:

  • Cask Canning System – If a Cask Canning System is used for filling and seaming, the lift plate for the seamer may need to be adjusted or replaced when using Crown cans. Contact CanSource for further details.
  • Use of Customer’s Name and/or Logo – Customer grants CanSource the unlimited right to use Customer’s name and /or Logo in its list of customers and advertising material.
  • Use of Finished Can Design Images – Customer grants CanSource the right to use images of all finished can designs after the release of the canned product by the customer.
  • Can Sanitization – CanSource recommends performing a sanitizing solution rinse on all sleeved cans prior to filling.

Seller warrants that the goods sold by it shall be free from defects in workmanship and materials. However, in no event shall Seller incur any liability under this warranty, or otherwise, where the goods are not packed, stored and distributed in accordance with good business practice; or where the alleged damage results from rust or outside corrosion occurring after receipt of goods by Purchaser or from improper capping, closing, crimping, filling and gassing operations by Purchaser; or from the use of components other than those supplied by Seller; or where the goods are exported, in an empty or filled state, to a foreign country.

updated on 12/8/17

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