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Please submit your CanSource credit card authorization form, CanSource order form and Artwork that has been placed on the CanSource template that matches your desired can size to your CanSource sales representative. Not working with a sales rep yet? Please fill out the “GET CANS!” form to the right.

Order Forms

CanSource Customer Order Form – New artwork and existing artwork that needs to be reprinted.

Credit Card Authorization Form

MCS / CanSource Credit Card Authorization Form


Please allow for 2 business days for CanSource to provide you with feedback on your artwork if necessary. Feedback will consist of corrections that will need to be made to the artwork in order to submit for final proofing. The vast majority of necessary corrections are covered in the Artwork Guidelines document that are in the CanSource Artwork zip folder; along with the templates. If the required CanSource Logo has not been added to the artwork file, it will be done so by CanSource at this point.


Once your artwork has been pre proofed and any necessary corrections have been made, your artwork will be submitted for final proofing with our label provider. Please allow an additional 2 business days for a digital proof of your artwork to be sent to you. The first page of your proof will detail the Artwork Layer of your art file and the second page of your proof will detail the White Layer of your art file. For more information about the different layers within the CanSource templates, please refer to the Artwork Guidelines in the CanSource Artwork zip folder.


Once you have reviewed your final proof and given it the green light for production, your lead time is 5 weeks for cans to you. Just to clarify, the 5 week lead time is from final proof artwork approval, not from order submission or pre proofing approval.

* If you are reordering a label that has already gone through the artwork approval process and no changes are necessary, your 5 week lead time will begin when the order form is submitted.

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