At CanSource, we strive to make the artwork process as easy as possible. We work with designers of all ability levels to ensure that the customer’s vision for their artwork is fulfilled. With the capabilities gained through digital printing, we like to say that we are only limited by our customer’s creativity. That being said, our customers have come up big with creativity! The lack of color limitations, ability to play off of the metallic substrate of the can, clean and crisp printing……these are just a few of the many advantages gained for those who chose CanSource Digitally Printed Shrink Sleeve Cans for their canning projects!

Below you will find all of the support documents you will need in order to dial in your artwork for digital shrink sleeve printing. Please make sure that you are using the correct sized template and are following the Artwork Guidelines closely. If you need additional support, please reach out to your CanSource sales representative. Not working with a sales rep yet? Please fill out the “GET CANS!” form to the right.

CanSource Artwork Support Docs

CanSource Artwork Guidelines

CanSource UPC Setup

Artwork Templates – Available Can Sizes

CanSource 12oz Shrink Sleeve Template

CanSource 16oz Shrink Sleeve Template

CanSource 19.2 oz Shrink Sleeve Template

CanSource 32oz “Crowler” Shrink Sleeve Template

CanSource 250ml Shrink Sleeve Template

CanSource 375ml Shrink Sleeve Template

CanSource 500ml Shrink Sleeve Template

CanSource 12oz Sleek Shrink Sleeve Template

CanSource 25.4oz / 750ml Shrink Sleeve Template

Artwork Templates – Sizes in Development, Inquire About Availability

CanSource 8oz Sleek Shrink Sleeve Template

A Can Supply Solution For The Craft Space

  • We Offer Both Design Guidance & Production Services
  • We Offer Custom Sleeves For A Wide Range of Beverages
  • Our Digital Printed Sleeves Are Perfect For Craft Beverages

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